At de’tres, destressing inspires our brand because we want you to put your wellbeing first. We strongly believe that a well rested & recharged soul is a soul that will spread more love and have a positive impact on others.

Join us on this journey to destress in little moments everyday so that you can go out there refreshed and ready to take on life.

What Guides Our Brand

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Be Kind

Be kind to yourself and also to your body. Every product we create is concepted and created with the intention of being kind to your wellbeing. This is why we have a commitment to prioritise natural ingredients in our products.

Be Self-Loving

A self love experience begins when you take time in a day to care for yourself and just relax. We are committed to create products that will bring you sensory pleasure when you use them.

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Be Impactful

To be a positive impact on others, we believe your soul needs to be rested. We strive to create products that will bring positive results to your wellbeing so you can be confident to go out there and spread positivity.